Get Creative With Concrete

When you think of concrete work you typically think of driveways, flooring, countertops and patios. While concrete serves an amazing purpose for these items, there are other ways you can get creative with long lasting, extremely durable concrete. Below are a few creative concrete options you can do on your own or through professional services. Adding these features to your home is an affordable way to incorporate design and durability.

Outdoor Fire Pit

Fire pits have become an increasing popular backyard addition. If you have a backyard oasis that is lacking in any way or if you are looking to turn your backyard into a place where you can spend more time, a fire pit is the answer.

You may be wondering what the difference would be between a custom made concrete fire pit versus one you can buy at a home store. By creating a fire pit out of concrete, you create a permanent, weather-resistant work of art. You can work with a concrete company to customize the design of your fire pit to blend with the theme of the space it will be going in. If you were to buy an already manufactured fire pit, you are limited with your design choices and the durability may not be that of concrete.

Concrete and Cinder Block Planters

With a few cinder blocks and concrete to hold them in place, you can create a mid-century modern planter that can be used anywhere on your property. You can strategically place your cinder blocks to create the design you have in mind. Start by creating a wall (the height is up to your discretion) of cinder blocks. Once you have the height and length in mind, strategically select a handful of blocks to lay perpendicular to the blocks around it. This creates dimension and the opportunity for more places to plant succulents, flowers or other greenery. If you plant vines or plants that tend to sprawl, you'll eventually have a gorgeous wall of vegetation.

Letters and Numbers

This project will only work with letter and number forms. You can create these on your own or contact a professional concrete company to discuss form options. Concrete letters and/or numbers are a great way to highlight your street number. They can be set anywhere in your yard to compliment your current landscaping. You can use individual concrete letters for home decor as well. Size will determine weight, so before committing to a project, make sure the letter or number can be moved around as needed.

Concrete letters and numbers can be stained or stamped to add additional design to an already amazing work of art.

Don't be afraid to get creative with concrete, on a small or large scale. You can create wonderful elements both indoors and out with this durable material. Concrete can be tricky to pour and apply, especially if you are using it in a non-traditional way. Don't hesitate to contact professionals like Pyramid Concrete & Consulting Ltd to help you get the job done right!