Five Forgotten Problems That Damage Your Home

You want to care of your house – not only it it an investment, it's home. To make sure it stays in tip-top condition, don't overlook these common but often forgotten maintenance chores. Doing so could lead to costly damage that can be time-consuming to repair.

#1: A Plugged A/C Drain

Most people only think about their central air conditioning unit during the summer season, but take some time to inspect it each spring. A/C units have a drain and a catch tray for any condensation that builds up on the unit. If this drain gets plugged, it can damage your A/C. Worse, if the unit it mounted on your roof, it could cause it to leak inside the house and result in an expensive water damage repair. However, do contact a company like ServiceMaster Of Edmonton Disaster Restoration if you find that it does need repair.

#2: Clogged Gutters

You may think a few leaves in your gutter is nothing to worry about, but water draining poorly away from the house can cause erosion around the foundation. This results in uneven settling around the foundation that can cause cracks and leaks inside the home or basement. Clean out your gutters in spring and fall. While you're at it, make sure the drain pipes are clear and carrying the water well away from the foundation.

#3: Outdated Electrical Panels

Electrical wiring can last a lifetime or longer, but your electrical boxes aren't so lucky. Circuit breaker boxes installed before 1990 can pose a fire hazard. If your box trips fuses constantly or in any way seems outdated, it's well worth it to have it repaired or replaced so you can avoid a costly and dangerous home fire later.

#4: Old Hot Water Heaters

A hot water heater has an expected lifespan of at least 10 years. Most have the installation or manufacturing date labeled right on the unit, so you can quickly check if yours will be due for a replacement soon. If your hot water heater isn't maintaining the temperature of the water, or is starting to leak around the bottom, it's time for an immediate replacement. Consider yourself lucky if it just stops working. A leaking hot water heater can cause major water damage, whether it releases its contents all at once or trickles it out through a slow leak.

#5: Slow Drains

You may think that your sluggish drains are the result of hair, food or dirt clogs. If cleaning out the traps or snaking the interior pipes are speeding things up, you may have a larger problem. Tree roots invade your main drain line by working in through the joints in the drain tiles in your yard. Having the drains fully snaked out to the main city line gets rid of the roots so your drains empty quickly again. If you have lots of trees or shrubs in your yard, this may be a yearly chore. Skipping it can reward you with backed up sewage or waste water in your home.

Don't overlook regular maintenance on your home. You can find most problems before they have a chance to occur, which saves you time and money in the long run. If you are too late, get the problem and the damage repaired promptly so it doesn't lead to further problems, such as mold growth.