4 Things To Do Before Your Crane Subcontractor Arrives On Your Oilfield

Cranes are essential for many oilfield projects. That means that it's essential that you hire crane operators and subcontractors that know what they're about. After the bids and final selection, there's a few things you should do to prepare your site for the arrival of the cranes and their operators.

You shouldn't leave it up to the subcontractors to show up and make their own space. If the subcontractor charges by time, then the better you prepare for them, the less you will pay. The faster you can get them set up, the quicker they can do what they have to do.

Not only will that cost you less, it aids your own timeline for getting tasks done. If your crane operators show up and have nothing to do until you get everything ready, then you'll literally find yourself paying them for nothing.

1. Clear a Staging Ground for the Crane

Cranes require both setup and tear down. They need a space to accomplish these tasks. Ask the subcontractor how much space is necessary. If you can, make the space bigger than what they specify just in case. The faster the crane operators can get their equipment together, the faster they can get to work. The same goes for the tear down. Give them the room they need.

2. Clear the Space around the Weight

Whatever it is that you need the crane to hoist, you should make sure it's clear of obstruction. The crane should have a clear path to it, as well as a clear path to where it needs to go.

That means you should move any extraneous material. You should avoid leaving the materials to be lifted around anything that can obstruct the crane, like trees or power lines. The more you clear the space, the faster the crane operator can get in and out.

3. Have a Plan for Hoisting

Don't point the crane operator to what you need lifted and then leave it up to him or her to do it. You should have a full plan that accounts for what needs lifting, the order to lift it in, and where it should go. If you leave it up to the subcontractor, they will need to take the time to do an assessment and figure out what you should already have figured out for them.

4. Assist in Any Way You Can

Avoid leaving the crane operators to their own devices. Make sure that you or somebody from your team is on hand to help them at all times. You don't have to hang around while they're doing the work. However, you should have a presence that the subcontractors can get to if they have any issues. Be on call for them. The faster you assist them, the faster they can finish their task.

Additions to Your Team

With any subcontractor—such as Capstan Hauling Ltd—you should always make sure that you do what you can to accommodate them. It's not always about hiring someone and then letting them do what they do. When you hire someone for a single task or a series of tasks, you are giving them a place on your team. Treat them like team members, even if they're only there to do a single job.