3 Excellent Heating Options To Consider When Your Power Is Out

With winter quickly approaching, now is the time to start thinking about what you will do if the power goes out at some point. When the power goes out, your home will not have any heat, and you do not want to be without the proper equipment to keep your family warm. Here are 3 excellent heating options that you should buy now for this winter.

Electric Fireplace

While this may seem like an odd option, you can actually get electric fireplaces that can be powered by a battery, a generator, or an emergency power source. These small fireplaces are portable, they have fans that push the heat out into the room, and you can adjust the amount of heat coming out so that you can keep a room at the right temperature.

If you choose this option, then you need to make sure that you have one for each large room. Of course, you may choose to just use one and keep your family in the same room until the power comes back on.

To make sure that your fireplace works, buy your chosen power source as well and connect the two items and turn them on. There is no sense in buying emergency heating sources unless you actually know how to work them beforehand.


While this option does not sound like a heating option, it can actually help your home to retain heat. Find the main room of your home where you will choose to reside in the event that the power is out. 

In this room, add as much insulation as is safe in the walls. Also, consider adding extra insulation in the attic right above your main room so that the heat will not rise up into the attic. This will definitely help your home to stay warm without ever having to turn on a heater.

Wood Burning Appliances

Lastly, this is a traditional method for heating a home that has been used for many years. A wood burning fireplace will help to keep your home warm, but you have to be very attentive to make sure that the fire stays in the fireplace. You do not want a fire to start in your chimney or in your home, so be careful.

If you have an old wood burning stove, you can also use this method to warm your home. You really just need a source that can hold wood and that will push the smoke out of your home. 

With both options, you need to make sure that there is very little ash and soot in the shaft so that there is a smaller chance of a big fire starting.

You can easily use one of these methods to warm your home in an emergency situation, so buy the right supplies to make your home warm even if there is no power. For more information, contact a heating company like Wightman Mechanical.