Tips To Make A Small Bathroom Look Larger

Is your bathroom closer to the size of a broom closet than a bathroom? There's a good chance you can still create a serene space for relaxation, but it might take a bit of work and an initial financial investment. The end result will be a larger-seeming space that remains wholly functional.

Use Light Colors

Painting the room a light shade of blue, cream, or even a soft gray can make the room seem brighter and bigger. You can extend this design concept on into the flooring, shower tiles, and any counters. Don't make everything stark white or it will look like a hospital bathroom, but you can stick to a simple palette of light, natural colors.

Open the Window

If you have neighbors across from your bathroom, opening your window during showers could become a bit awkward. However, you can install a new window with a strategically frosted pattern that still lets in a great deal of unfiltered light while also preserving your modesty.

Install More Mirrors

Strategically placed mirrors can make a bathroom look larger -- but also bear in mind that means you'll be able to see yourself from multiple angles while you're using the room. You likely already have a mirror above the sink. Place one on the wall directly across from it to create an illusion of depth and to have an easy way to style your hair in the back. You can also place mirrors on the walls at both ends of the room if your bathroom is wider than it is long.

Use Pedestal Sinks

If you have a large vanity containing two sinks, removing that whole assembly can vastly open up your small bathroom. Replace the setup with a pedestal sink, which has no cabinets below it and creates a simple yet classic look. You can gain back the storage by installing a deep medicine cabinet or using above the toilet cabinets or shelving. If there's a towel closet outside the bathroom, you can also place extra items in there for storage.

Replace the Tub with Corner Shower

If no one in your home takes baths, consider ripping out the existing bathtub and shower combination in favor of a shower alone. Corner showers can free up valuable floor space in the center of your bathroom and make the room seem both longer and wider. The type of door on the corner shower can vastly change its appearance. A simple, flat swinging door will fit the widest range of decor schemes and budgets.

However, corner showers with rounded glass doors add a touch of elegance. This door only opens inwards, which would prevent the door from hitting a counter or toilet close to the shower. This model is also helpful for those with mobility issues who need the added support of holding onto the door while stepping into the shower. Visit Superior Glass & Mirror for more shower door options.