Turn Your Backyard Into An Autumn Paradise

As the weather turns cooler, you probably still want to use your backyard. Perhaps the fading landscaping fails to inspire you, though. Transform your backyard into an autumn paradise that you continue to enjoy in the fading days of the year.

Add A Water Feature

Water features create a natural environment that everyone can enjoy. Plus, streams, fountains and waterfalls add serenity to your backyard any time of year except during the deepest freezes. Keep your water feature simple, such as a fountain tucked into the corner of your garden. 

Install a Fire Pit

Of course, one of the biggest detriments to enjoying your backyard come fall – or even early spring – is the cold. The solution to that is a fire pit. Install a fire pit or create an area in which you set up a portable model. Include comfortable seating and accent tables so that you and your guests can set down mugs of hot cider, cocoa or hot toddies.

Plant A Garden For Autumn Color

One of the most attractive aspects of a backyard is the garden. Plant a garden that bursts with color come fall. Start with a backdrop of taller plants such as silver grass and Siberian iris. Silver grass, an attractive dark green with silvery fluffs on top in spring and summer, turns radiantly golden in the autumn. Include rows of hardy perennials such as autumn joy sedum, peonies, Veronica spicata, threadleaf tickseed and lady's mantle. These plants will continue to bloom even into the colder months.

Select Trees with Bold Fall Foliage

The perfect backdrop to your autumn paradise is a copse of trees and shrubs that display bold colors come fall:

  • Sugar maple: This reliable tree grows up to 70 feet high and boasts leaves that turn yellow, orange or red. Sugar maples grow well in sun and partial shade. They need well-drained soil.
  • Chokeberry: Chokeberry is a shrub you can enjoy year-round with its spring blossoms, red fruits and orange-red autumn foliage. Chokeberry prefers moist, well-drained soil and full to partial sun.
  • Sumac: Sumac may be hardy, but it's still beautiful. Come autumn, the leaves on this shrub turn brilliant red. Sumac needs full sun and well-drained soil, plus a lot of room to grow since it's a fast spreader.
  • Viburnum: Viburnum is another tough but beautiful shrub. It blooms with white flowers in the spring that turn into red fruits in the summer. Come fall, the leaves turn into subtle shades of red. Viburnum grows well in sun and partial shade and moist soil.

Prepare to enjoy your backyard even as the months grow cooler. Plant trees and a garden designed for fall color. Add features such as a fountain and fire pit that enhance the enjoyment of your autumn paradise. Talk to your local landscape contractor about the best ways to turn your backyard into a year-round retreat.