3 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Windows And Doors

Taking care of your windows and doors will allow you to retain thermal energy in your home, while also boosting your home's efficiency. Many people simply install doors and windows and never give them another thought. However, if you want to make the most out of your home as a whole, you should take it upon yourself to follow some critical window and door maintenance tips that will be useful to you. With this in mind, read this guide, which lets you know how to get the best out of your windows and doors for the long term.   

Tip #1: Learn The Proper Ways To Maintain Your Window Frame

While the glass window is the visible part that most people key in on, the quality of the window is linked to the quality of the window frame. Because of this, you should learn these tips to keep this frame its cleanest:

  • Before using any cleaning product on your frame, you should clean various spots of it first
  • Periodically inspect your weather stripping, to make sure it is not wearing thin
  • When possible, clean your window frame with soap and water, since it is gentler on the material
  • Never use a razor or any sharp objects to scrape away debris or dirt

Tip #2: Understand The Best Window And Glass Door Cleaning Methods

If you are to make your glass doors and windows last the longest, it will depend upon you making the most of your routine maintenance. Consider some of the following tips:

  • Make sure to clean the whole surface of the glass, in order to avoid streaks and long term damage
  • Always rinse away suds and soap immediately after cleaning, to avoid the buildup of debris and grime
  • Utilize gloves when cleaning, so that you can use water as hot as you need
  • If possible, hire professional window professionals, for best results

Tip #3: Never Remove The Warranty Sticker

The warranty sticker that comes with certain windows contains details about your product type, size and number, so that you are able to get repairs when necessary. By providing your windows and doors professional (such as one from J & J Aluminum & Vinyl Products) with this information, it'll be much easier for you to get the help and service that you need. If you need to, take a picture of the sticker and record all numbers and codes, so that you're able to still provide this information in the case that something happens to the sticker. 

Follow these tips to the fullest, so that you're able to make the most out of your windows and doors.