Four Essential Features To Add Rain Collection To Your Eavestrough Installation

Today, many resources are becoming more scarce. In some areas, this includes water. This is why more and more homeowners are starting to install rain collection on their homes. These systems can provide you with water for many needs and easily be added to any gutter installation. If you have new eavestroughs installed on your home and, you want to have rain collection, there are some features that you will want to have.

1. Wider Eavestroughs For More Efficient Rain Collection

Normal residential eavestroughs are narrow to match the designs of homes. This has a disadvantage when used for rain collection. The narrower eavestroughs do not have a lot of capacity for water. Today, there are commercial eavestroughs and wider residential eavestroughs that can be used on your home if you want to add rain collection systems. These will improve the water collection and allow you to maximize the amount of water that you get from your roof.

2. Downspout Diverters To Help Filter Debris

When rain collection systems are connected to eavestroughs, they can get a lot of debris from the roof. This is why some type of filtration is needed. Diverters are the most common solution and can be attached to downspouts. They allow debris to be flushed from the eavestroughs before water is delivered to your collection tanks. This can ensure that your rain collection water is free of any roof debris in the eavestroughs.

3. Storage Tanks And Keeping Water Clean

You will also want to choose good storage tanks for your rain collection systems. These tanks can be sealed and above ground or buried. No matter where the tank is, you will want to treat the water occasionally to ensure that it is clean. This can be done with a small amount of chlorine to help kill any bacteria that grows in the water.

4. Pumps And Outlets To Get The Water Out Of Your Tanks

You may also need to have pumps and outlets installed for your tanks. If you are using the system for irrigation, gravity fed supply can be used when the irrigation is needed below the tank. If you need to pump from the tank, you will also need an inlet valve. This can be a floating system if you need water for potable uses, which will take the cleanest water from the middle of the tank.

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