Is Your House Settling? Don't Wait To Get Help!

When your house settles, you may begin to experience some problems. What causes the house to settle? What problems can settling cause? Below, you will learn all about house settling issues and what needs to be done to stop it.

What causes a house to settle?

There are several issues that can lead to a house settling and becoming damaged. These issues include:

Substandard Soil – If the ground wasn't properly prepared for the home prior to it being built or is too moist, the house will sink into the soil and cause the damage that you see from settling.

Adding Additional Living Floors – If you take a one-story home and add a second-story to it, the foundation may become damaged. If a thorough inspection wasn't performed prior to the construction and building codes weren't followed, the additional weight of the second story will cause the foundation to sink and settle.

Seasonal Moisture – During the wet seasons, the water flows underground and can cause the soil that is supporting the foundation of your home to shift. When this happens, the foundation will sink and settle.

What problems does a house settling cause?

House settling will cause a number of issues that will need to be repaired, including:

Bowed Walls – you may notice the basement walls beginning to bow. As the soil from outside of the walls puts pressure on them, they will begin to buckle and crack. Once the walls have bowed to a certain point, the upper levels of the home may begin to shift and become uneven.

Water Damage – When the foundation becomes damaged by the settling, water can easily seep into the basement. This will inevitably lead to water damage, mold problems and even corrosion problems.

Door and Window Problems – As the house shifts, the windows and doors will no longer be square. This will cause the windows and doors to stop working as they should. They may no longer open and close and allow heat to escape during the winter and cool air to escape during the summer.

Roofing Problems – As the house settles, the shifting of the frame can cause the roof to pull away and even split. This will allow moisture to enter the home from the roof and begin causing all sorts of water damage issues the whole way to the foundation.

How do you stop your house from settling?

The only thing you can really do is call for a professional from a company like Ramco Waterproofing to come out and assess the damage and create a plan of action to take. Not only will the contractor work to repair the damage, but he or she will come up with a plan to stop the house from settling any further.