4 Tips For Turning Your Traditional Kitchen Into A Country Kitchen

A country kitchen is inviting, comforting, and gives your kitchen a homey feel. If you currently have a traditional kitchen and want to go country, there are many ways you can do this. Follow the four tips below to completely transform your kitchen to one that you and your family will enjoy spending time in.


There are different types of windows you can choose for your country kitchen. Awning windows work well for a kitchen because they can be pushed in or pulled out. This is perfect when you are cooking and your kitchen gets hot from your stove or oven. Casement windows use a crank to open and close them. These are useful above the kitchen sink because they are easy to open.

Garden windows are much like mini bay windows. They let a lot of natural light into your kitchen and add some space. Put some flowers and herbs planted in antique flower pots in these windows. You could also purchase some country pillows made out of burlap.

Choose vinyl framed windows for your kitchen. They are low in maintenance because they never have to be painted, are easy to clean, and reduce heating and cooling costs.


Because a country kitchen should be warm and inviting, the colors you use are important. Instead of boring white, you can use pastel shades like light peach, cream, beige, light brown, terra-cotta, or pale yellow.

Purchase an old wooden table and use farmhouse chairs in one of these colors. Put a backsplash on one of the walls.

Mix and match colors in your country kitchen. For example, if you use light surface colors for the floors and wall, contrast this by making the cabinets a little darker color.

Materials Used

The materials you use for your floors, walls, and cabinets are very important.  Solid wood works well for any country kitchen. For example, hardwood flooring with wide planks for the flooring, and oak, birch, or pine cabinets. Any furniture should be handcrafted and made with reclaimed or distressed wood. Do not use any very dark wood or wood that has been slick stained. You want the natural grain of the wood to show through. Some people use wicker in a country kitchen for decorations, storage units, and chairs.


When decorating your country kitchen, the most important thing you should use is antiques. You do not have to spend a lot of money, as you can find many things at auctions or yard sales that look historic.  You need to have functional antique items, such as antique lights, along with some creative items that you make yourself or find somewhere else. For example, put flowers in an old coffee can. Use large mason jars to hold utensils, and paint them a pale blue or yellow.  Put a sign on the wall made of an old piece of board with a message on it, such as kitchen rules, or "This Is My Kitchen."

Hire a contractor to put in new cabinets, flooring and windows for you. They can also do any painting that you need done, and put up brand new wall materials. 

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