Door Frames A Little Boring? Three Options To Dress Up The Entrances And Exits To Your Rooms

Every room in your house has a door frame, even if it does not have a door. If your door frames only consist of a simple lintel and two posts, and you would like to do a little remodeling to dress up the door frames, there are a few things you can do. The following three options should get you started.

Custom Carvings

Many old door frames are made of wood. If you have wood door frames, then you can hire a woodcarver to create custom carvings in the posts and lintels that currently exist in your home. The carver will show you several designs and allow you to assist in the design process for your home. Then he or she will strip any paint or finish off the door frames before lightly drawing out the designs on the frames. Finally, with meticulous care, the carver will use his or her chisels to slowly carve and chip the wood frames until the design is fully realized. A light sanding and a stain or repainting follows.

Custom Mouldings

Like custom carvings, custom mouldings are created for your posts and lintels. The difference here is that mouldings add to the doorway instead of take something away from the door way. The custom mouldings are tacked or nailed on right over the tops of the door frames. You can add corner mouldings, which only decorate the upper corners of the mouldings, or lintel and post mouldings, which decorate the entire length of your posts and/or lintels. Remodeling contractors as well as carpenters can help you create the custom mouldings you want to use throughout your house.


If you want to try something on your own that may be more manageable as a DIY project, then you could give stenciling a try. Stencils of everything from flowers to birds to grape vines are sold in home remodeling stores. You will need to tape the stencils to your door frames and then follow the paint layering instructions. Using one color at a time you paint only the areas in the stencils you want to paint with a certain color. Then you switch to the next color and paint the next areas in the stencil with that color. You continue until all of the ares in the stencils have been painted, and then you lift the stencils and tape off of your door frames, leaving behind lots of color and attractive, eye-catching designs.

For additional info, talk to a custom moulding company.