Utilise Concrete To Beautify Your Kitchen

You already know concrete is a durable construction material, but did you know it's very customizable as well? Contractors can pour concrete into different shapes and thicknesses. They can also add stains and dyes to change to colour, or even stamp the slab to make it resemble another material. These factors together make concrete an ideal material for your kitchen. Consider the following ideas to utilise concrete to beautify your kitchen environment.

Classic Countertop

Think of classic countertop materials and you typically think different stones or wood. In fact, concrete can be made to resemble any of those materials. For example, marble is a luxury material for a countertop. Not only is marble expensive, though, but it also requires special care. Instead, the Concrete Network recommends having marbleized concrete installed instead. Contractors have different methods for veining the concrete, such as using specialised mixes or casting the veins by hand. Either way you end up with a beautiful countertop with the natural resiliency of concrete.

Artistic Countertop

There's no reason to make concrete resemble another material to add beauty to your kitchen. Contractors can use bold dyes to add artistic colour to the slab. For example, if you have a rustic kitchen, imagine having an undulating river run down the centre of your countertop. Contractors can achieve this effect with dyes.

Another method for getting creative with concrete countertops is to have items embedded in the slab. You could select coloured glass, broken bits of pretty pottery or other found items. For a really artistic effect, you could even choose to have fiber optic lighting embedded in your countertop.

Modern Sink

Moving on from countertops, concrete sinks are another installation possibility. Again, it's possible to have the concrete made to resemble another material. However, if you have a contemporary style kitchen, consider going modern with your sink. You can select a concrete sink with the strict geometry characteristic of modern design. It's even possible to get more creative, such as by creating a spiral of mixed materials that leads to the vessel of the sink. Another option is customizing a trough sink with built-in steps or other designs.

Free Form Backsplash

While you're in the sink area, consider how the customability of poured concrete can beautify the backsplash. Contractors can pour the concrete into literally any shape – including free-form. You could utilise this fact to make the backsplash an extension of the sink or countertop. For instance, have the concrete dyed or stained the same colour, but have it extend around the spaces organically, such as between cabinetry or around a corner. The finished effect is a cohesive yet creative style.

Whether having concrete mimic another material or letting its natural qualities shine through, utilise the material to beautify your kitchen.

For more information and ideas, talk with concrete contractors in your area, such as Sieben Cement Contractors Ltd..